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Terms and Conditions: Buyer Engagement and Privacy Compliance

These Terms and Conditions disclose the Buyer Engagement and Privacy Compliance at SanSpa Five Star.

At SanSpa Five Star, we are committed to ensuring transparency and trust in our interactions with buyers, dealers, and sellers. This compliance statement outlines our approach to selling, special pricing for dealers and sellers, the availability of an online dealer information hub, and our dedication to protecting your privacy.

1. Direct Sales Policy:

SanSpa Five Star operates on a business-to-business (B2B) model, and we do not engage in direct sales to individual buyers. We exclusively sell our premium walk-in bathtubs to authorized dealers and sellers who, in turn, provide our products to the end customers. By focusing on this approach, we prioritize personalized service, specialized product knowledge, and a seamless buying experience.

2. Special Pricing for Dealers and Sellers:

We recognize the valuable role that our authorized dealers and sellers play in making our products accessible to customers. To support their efforts and strengthen our partnerships, we offer exclusive pricing and benefits tailored to the specific needs of our B2B partners. Our commitment to competitive pricing for dealers and sellers is an integral part of our business strategy.

3. Online Dealer Information Hub:

SanSpa Five Star maintains an online dealer exclusive information hub to provide our authorized partners with essential resources, product details, marketing materials, and support. This hub is designed to facilitate smooth communication, easy access to product information, and efficient order management for our valued dealers and sellers.

4. Privacy Assurance:

We take your privacy seriously and adhere to stringent data protection measures. It is our policy not to sell, share, or distribute any personal or business information you provide to us without your explicit consent. Any data collected during your interactions with our website or through email correspondence is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with applicable data protection regulations.

5. Communication Preferences:

SanSpa Five Star may send you emails related to product updates, promotional offers, or important business information. You have the option to manage your communication preferences and opt-out of marketing emails at any time by following the instructions provided in the emails.

Your trust is of paramount importance to us, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethical business conduct and customer service.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our compliance practices, special pricing for dealers and sellers, or data privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our business philosophy. |

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