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SanSpa Walk-in Tubs Frequently Asked Questions

SanSpa Walk-in Tubs

Ready to purchase a walk-in tub but have some questions? Read below on commonly asked questions! 

SanSpa Walk-in Tub Frequently Asked Questions

How many gallons of water does the tub hold?

  • 5129 models hold 60 to 65 gallons without a person in the tub.

  • 5126 models hold 50 to 55 gallons without a person in the tub.


What is the fill time?

Our valve has an 18gpm (gallon per minute) rating. With full water flow, it will take 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 minutes to fill.


How fast does the tub drain?

2 minutes or less when properly plumbed


May I use soap or bath oils?

There is no warning on our jetting products stating not to use oil or bubble bath. However, we do recommend you sanitize the tub after using these products.


How do I clean the tub?

For everyday cleaning, a soft cloth with mild soap and water is all you need. Always rinse after cleaning. DO NOT use scouring pads or abrasive/caustic cleaners. Vinegar and water may also be used to soften water minerals. To disinfect, use bleach diluted with water. Regularly disinfect the tub to ensure water jetting system stays clean.


Is there a weight limit for the tub?



How many jets are in the tub?

  • The water jetted tubs have 8 jets

  • The air jetted tubs have 16 jets

  • The dual has both 16 air and 8 water jets


What colors are available for the tub?

White or Biscuit


What finishes are available for trim?

Brushed stainless


What size of water heater is needed?

We recommend a minimum of:

  • 40 gallons for gas water heaters

  • 50 gallons for electric water heater


What is the tub composed of?

Acrylic finish with ABS and Fiberglass backing which comes in smooth and textured. The door and jam have all aluminum construction. Tub frame is made of stainless steel.

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