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SanSpa Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in tubs to fit the needs for anyone with mobility issues. Lifetime Warranty on all tubs to guarantee the best walk-in tub purchase. 

SanSpa Walk-in Tub Accessories

Our walk-in tubs are the perfect solution for anyone with mobility issues. Watch our video to learn more about our Five Star Walk-in Tubs.

SanSpa Walk-in Tubs Rainfall Shower Kit.jpg

Rainfall Shower Kit

  • Installation Manual

  • Spec Sheet


Back Wall Extension

Package Your Walk-in Tub with All of the Features


Have the best in the marketplace walk-in tub with the following features:

  • Air jets standard with purge cycle

  • Water variable jets with heater

  • Heated backrest and seat

  • Ozone sanitizing system

  • Chroma therapy

  • Aromatherapy


All for one great package price! Get the best deal with the best tubs on the marketplace. Give us a call for your free quote today 1-800-450-7544

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